My New Zealand Glass Blog

I’m an enthusiastic collector of glass made by New Zealand glass artists. My collection serves to document the history and development of glass art in New Zealand. I have a blog at which I use to share some of my pleasure in glass, and record some of my acquisitions as my collection grows. This blog at WordPress is intended to mirror that site.

You can contact me at


3 Responses to My New Zealand Glass Blog

  1. marie morgan says:

    Hi thereI have a small green bubble glass ashtray by Max Skerett of Invercargill possibly made in 60s or 70s. Do you have any information on him?

  2. Stuartinnz says:

    Max has responded to my enquiry:

    We had a kiln which we constructed in the years about 1960 for which my wife Daisy produced pottery. In about the years 1980 to 1990 we made bubble glass experimenting with everything to get bright colours. Experimenting with uranium even trying to get a good red. We sold quite a large amount especially as jewellery -bracelets, earrings etc. Also trinket boxes, ashtrays which we sold, even some in Australia through a department store. At that time I had already retired from my radio and television business. I am now 93 and Daisy is not far behind me with her birthday today.

    Max Skerrett

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