Looking for Emma Camden Glass Charms – do you know where these are?

Originally posted at http://newzealandglass.blogspot.co.nz/2015/11/looking-for-emma-camden-glass-charms-do.html  on 6 November 2015

Camden 2007 01aIn June 2007, I purchased this piece from Emma Camden’s exhibition …something remaining… at Avid gallery in Wellington. ‘Fading memory’ is cast in pale yellow translucent glass. It represents a charm bracelet trinket in the form of a revolving double sided mirror. Cast into the glass ‘mirror’ face are the words ‘Fading’ on one side and ‘memory’ on the other, so that the words show through to combine as ‘Fading memory’. It is 14cm wide and 16cm long, with the ‘mirror’ being 10cm in diameter.

I published a brief note about Fading memory in this blog in June 2007 – see http://newzealandglass.blogspot.co.nz/2007/06/emma-camden-at-avid.html


The exhibition at Avid included several of these bracelet ‘charms’ in glass, which I understand were pieces based on a charm bracelet that belonged to Emma’s mother. Emma is preparing for a retrospective exhibition (that’ll be something to look forward to!), and she’d like to locate the other pieces from the Avid exhibition. If you have these pieces, or know where they might be, Emma would love to hear from you – contact her direct, or through this blog.




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